Nasolabial Implants | Princeton Junction & Mercerville NJ

What is the benefit of this procedure?

The folds or “smile” lines that extend from the lateral portion of your nostril area past the corners of your mouth are called nasolabial folds. As we age, these folds become more prominent. Certain individuals have more of a genetic predisposition to exaggeration in these areas and become increasingly self-conscious of these areas as they age.

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What are the surgical options?

There are a few options in this area that are available to patients. After careful consultation, the doctors will show you digital photos which help illustrate potential areas of augmentation. Keep in mind however, that the nasolabial area is very important to facial animation and as such has deep muscular connections that should not be disrupted. Thus, the goal of augmentation in this area is to better support the skin areas above the muscles and tendons in this complex area of the face.

How is it done?

The augmentation procedure can be done with injections such as collagen or augmented with an implanted material. These procedures are most often performed under local anesthesia. As with lip augmentation procedures, most patients experience just a mild amount of swelling for a few days and light bruising.