Lip Augmentation | Princeton Junction & Mercerville NJ

What is it used for?

Procedures are available to enhance the look of the lips. Many people wish they had “fuller” upper lips. Others are concerned with decreasing the amount of wrinkles and fine lines around the lips

What are some of the products available?

The Doctors offer a variety of treatments including Collagen, Cymetra, Alloderm, and Dermolgen. The different materials have various advantages and indications which the doctors will review with you at your consultation.

How is the procedure performed?

The lip augmentation procedures can be performed after local anesthetic has been placed in the area. For injected material, sutures are not usually necessary. Conscious sedation is available for those who prefer to be more relaxed. Sometimes more than one procedure will be recommended for a patient. Procedures such as lip augmentation and laser skin resurfacing may be combined for the best result.

What is expected afterwards?

The treated area may appear slightly swollen, red, or bruised for a few days following augmentation. Most patients can resume wearing lip stick the next day. With advanced augmentation using an implanted material such as Alloderm, there may be 1 or 2 sutures to remove at 5 days.

The long term results vary on the material utilized to augment the lips. The doctors will discuss the realistic expectations.

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