Chin Augmentation | Princeton Junction & Mercerville NJ

What are the benefits of chin surgery?

Chin implants serve to improve the appearance of a patient’s profile and help with small or receeding chins.

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What do I need to do to get started?

The doctors will assess the facial and jaw structure to determine the harmony of the jaws and chin. Digital facial imaging and x-rays will be utilized to outline various treatment options. Sometimes, additional jaw surgery is recommended to correct an “overbite” or jaw deficiency in conjunction with the chin augmentation.

How is the procedure performed?

Most chin surgery is performed in our office under light IV sedation. An incision is made inside the mouth on the inner aspect of the lower lip. A porous implant may be contoured and secured in a position on the jaw bone below the muscle. Other times, the chin itself may be advanced into a more appropriate position.

What happens afterwards?

Patients will leave the office with a small supportive chin dressing and should expect some mild bruising which dissipates quickly over the first few days. The chin implants feel and look very natural. Overall, they greatly improve the look and strength of one’s jaw line.